Check Out the Roadside and Emergency Assistance Bluelink® Features of Hyundai Vehicles!

November 16th, 2022 by

How to Get Roadside or Emergency Assistance in Hyundai Vehicles Through Bluelink® Feature?

If you’re a Hyundai vehicle owner, you have access to one of the best roadside assistance features. The Bluelink® subscription pack in Hyundai provides instant assistance in any roadside situation. It helps transmit vehicle information to the roadside assistance response center as soon as possible. With Bluelink®, you can get roadside or emergency assistance by pressing a button. In case of an accident, it automatically sends a notification to the emergency assistance center so that they can help the passengers efficiently. Watch the Bluelink® feature video in this blog post by James Hodge Hyundai, Muskogee, OK, to learn more about it.

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Watch Video: Bluelink® Roadside Assistance Feature

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The Bluelink® feature subscription is a must-have for every Hyundai vehicle owner. To know more about such technology features, visit the James Hodge Hyundai dealership in Muskogee, OK. Also, check out the special offers available at our dealership.

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