Red 2021 Hyundai Elantra model side view

What safety features are included with the 2021 Hyundai Elantra SE?

Safety features equipped in the 2021 Hyundai Elantra SE 

Looking for a new vehicle that has a ton of amazing safety features to keep you safe? The 2021 Hyundai Elantra SE model is equipped with state of the art technology to keep you, your family, and other drivers on the road safe. Let’s jump into the individual components below. 

Dashboard view of 2021 Hyundai Elantra

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist with Pedestrian Detection (FCA-Ped) 

With the FCA-Ped system that your 2021 Hyundai Elantra SE features, your vehicle’s forward camera and radar can detect vehicles and pedestrians that may be getting near your car on the road ahead. When something draws too close, your car sends a warning signal about a potential collision. If for some reason you are distracted and don’t notice it in time, the car will automatically apply emergency braking. 

Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCA) 

The 2021 Hyundai Elantra SE features Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist. What this does is when you’re about to make a lane change, and there’s a car on either side of you in your blind spot, it will automatically turn on the left or right front brake before you switch lanes. This feature is only available when you use your right or left blinker.  

Red 2021 Hyundai Elantra front facing view

Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCA) 

Every 2021 Hyundai Elantra SE features Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance. With this feature equipped, anytime you’re going in reverse, sensors will let you know if a vehicle is coming from your right or left so you can brake. If you don’t in time, it has the capabilities to brake for you if needed.  

Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) 

With Lane Keeping Assist, your vehicle will warn you with audio or visual signals if you are in the process of drifting from your current driving lane to another. If you don’t correct your steering right away, the LKA system will apply corrective steering assistance to keep you and other drivers safe. 

Lane Following Assist (LFA) 

The 2021 Hyundai Elantra SE also features Lane Following Assist. This system, using the front-view camera detects lane markers out in front of your driving path. The purpose of this feature is to help keep the drivers steering to keep them in the middle of their driving lane.  

Driver Attention Warning (DAW) 

Driver Attention Warning is the last safety feature we will discuss today. The main purpose of DAW is to help prevent drivers from becoming drowsy or inattentive driving habits. Once a pattern is detected, the DAW system will alert you with a sound cue and warning message on your instrument panel. This feature is essential to keep you safe and prevent potential accidents.