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Interior of 2014 Hyundai Accent showing manual gearshift and seat.

What are the Things One Should Consider While Changing Gears for Their Vehicle?

Things to Consider While Changing Gears

A gear is a simple machine that controls the torque produced by the engine of a vehicle in alignment with the speed of the wheels to facilitate smooth vehicle movement. The transmission between its levels can be manual or automatic. At James Hodge Hyundai, Muskogee, OK, we deal with advanced cars having both transmission types – like intelligent manual transmission and predictive ICT automatic gear shift system. Read on to find out more about changing gears.

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Tire of the Vehicle

What Are The Ways to Extend The Life of Your Tires?

Tips to Extend The Life of Your Tires.

Tires are crucial parts of a vehicle, and replacing their tires is a significant expense. Making timely and informed decisions about tire replacement can increase your safety on the road and help you save money over the lifespan of your vehicle. Following these tire care tips, you can save money on tire replacement and increase your car’s lifespan. At James Hodge Hyundai in Muskogee, OK, we have shared helpful tips for maintaining your tires. Check it out!

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