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Front profile of a blue 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric.

Here’s How You Can Maximize Hyundai EV Battery Life

How to Maximize EV Battery Life in Your Hyundai Vehicle?  

Hyundai continues to expand its EV lineup with Hyundai IONIQ, Hyundai Kona, and many other models. These vehicles offer the best of technology and performance. If you’re a Hyundai EV owner, then today’s video shared by the folks at Hyundai is perfect for you. This informative video will help you maximize the battery life of your Hyundai EV and therefore enhance your overall driving experience. For more info on Hyundai electric vehicles, contact the sales team at James Hodge Hyundai in Muskogee, OK. We have a collection of the latest Hyundai sedans and SUVs.  

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2022 Hyundai KONA Electric getting charged

Walkaround video of the 2022 Hyundai KONA Electric

Look at the 2022 Hyundai KONA Electric in the walkaround video

Get a closer look at the 2022 Hyundai KONA Electric in the well-captured walkaround video. In the video, you’ll learn about the different features you can use and how you can use them. You’ll also find out how the vehicle performs, what safety features you would be getting, what type of technology is there in the vehicle, and much more.

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